Jon Gruden resigns

More proof of how things you write in cyberspace never go away and can come back to bite you in the rear-end big-time.

Since Gruden resigned, I am guessing Davis won’t have to pay off the remainder of his contract. He was never worth $10 million a year anyways.

Now, back in Jacksonville I bet Jaguars’ owner Shahid Khan is hoping that Urban Meyer resigns too for the same financial reasons.

Speaking of Meyer and Gruden, here is a good column on the risks of such hires. It was written before Gruden resigned.

It wasn’t the amount per year that caught my attention. No coach should be getting a ten year contract these days.

“Two struggling franchises and their commitment to embattled cult-of-personality coaches.”

Hmmm…! Sorta sounds somewhat like an analogy. :innocent:

Ive never understood why people ever put stuff like this in emails, texts, social media posts…

I taught my kids early on when they got their phones about the permanence of information they posted.

Just came across this…any guesses as to whether or not there will be calls for Collingsworth to resign by the end of the day?

I doubt it if, for no other reason, that dates back to his playing days and has been out there for quite a while and is old news. If that was going to have caused problems for Collinsworth, it would have already by now.

The “14-18” part is pretty creepy. It’s not clear that he was being serious and it is 30+ years ago.

People also need to remember, Chucky didn’t just go racist and homophobe; he attacked the boss, Goodell. Big no-no.

I wouldn’t bet on it. We’ve become overly sensitive in the past few years. Yes…it’s been out there for almost 40 years. Even 10 years ago, we would have said that it’s just the way things were back then. But today it seems we have to punish people for their sins of normalcy 40 years ago. We don’t want OUR kids to think it’s okay to objectify women or comment about dating a girl in high school. I’m expecting an “apology” form Collinsworth, but read the comments…they are equating him to Jeffery Epstein and pedophiles. Someone will want him fired.

Gruden made those comments when he was employed by ESPN. He was not employed by the NFL or any NFL franchise at the time. I doubt that the NFL would have any authority to formally punish Gruden for making those comments at that time.

I think it was more a case of the Raiders not needing the side show and disruptions that were sure to come with Gruden now. And, one wonders how much of his roster felt about those comments. They sure didn’t play all that well against the Bears last week-end.

I am a bit surprised that Urban Meyer is still employed. I thought he would be gone by now for the same reasons.

Coaches are at-will. Teams can fire them for almost any reason, past behavior, present, whatever. Plus, he wasn’t fired. Officially, he resigned. IDK what happened behind the scenes.

I don’t know if you are agreeing with me or disagreeing with me. I was not talking about the Raiders firing a coach. I was talking about the NFL disciplining Gruden for things he said while he was employed at ESPN.

As I mentioned earlier, I am guessing that if Gruden resigned on his own as opposed to getting fired then Mark Davis is off the hook for the remainder of his contract. I doubt Davis begged Gruden to reconsider his decision.

IDK whether the NFL could or couldn’t fine or otherwise discipline him based on behavior before his current employment, but that’s never been much of a discussion. The whole thing resolved itself within a weekend.

One other point about this that a few publications have made: only Gruden’s e-mails have been publicized to date. There is a lot more from that investigation of the Washington Football Team that has not been publicized. I am guessing there are a lot of people hoping it stays that way.

Here is one article (open in incognito mode to read):

Yes, it looks a lot like the league set that investigation up so as not to have much of a paper trail. Gruden is a millionaire coach. He is expendable. Snyder is a billionaire owner. Kid gloves.

And, for @crparrothead , here is an article with ends with the absurd comparison that you say should always be out of bounds.

As for the 10 years that have passed since the recovered emails were revealed, in the war on racism, there is no statute of limitations. War criminals should be sought out and punished.

So, first, a great deal of what is considered “racist” in today’s day and age is very much not racist (OK sign, Trump voters, police, capitalism, etc.), but Gruden’s words were straight up racist, no walking them back.
But anybody that call someone a “war criminal” because they make racist statements should be waterboarded.

Well, as I have said before, a broken clock is right twice a day.

Let’s see how many late night tweets calling Grudin a loser, stupid, not a very good coach or a host of other things that would have happened if it came out that he said the same thing, only about Biden’s predecessor.

And this take.