Johnson and Johnson vaccine

IMO, when the J and J vaccine starts getting a full rollout it should be widely distributed to local (city, county) jails and police holding facilities, homeless shelters, and treatment centers.
This satisfies the Left Wings desire to ensure that the “underserved” community is getting the vaccine, and also (and more important) this is the population that is more unlikely to come back for a second shot.

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That’s a good point, although with jails they are literally a captive audience. When it’s time for the second shot, they know where the patient is.

State facilities that is true, but for County and Local facilities there is a huge turnaround,many are only in for a couple of days to a week.

Our governor put prisons and jails in the same category as nursing homes and assisted living, so the convicts were getting vaccinated in the first group. Many of the jails were emptied, though, early in the pandemic. Both of those events p’oed a lot of people.

I don’t mind vaccinated the incarcerated early in the process. It makes sense, they are in a very dense, enclosed environment and the staff have no choice but to be in close contact too.
And, like I said a couple comments ago, they are going back into the public.

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