John Mayer to the Coral Reefers?

I don’t know how I feel about this.

I read that Jimmy told his bandmates to carry on after his passing, but I am not sure who should take his place. I almost lean towards a tour with rotating lead singers, but that is just me.

I know I am talking to myself, but maybe Jack Johnson?

Sometimes it’s okay for bands to literally die off. Rush had already retired but after Neil Peart passed away, the band confirmed there would be no new music nor a tour from Rush.

Might be close to Jimmy’s spirit.

But, things change. Vince Gill took Glen Frey’s spot with the Eagles.

I agree, but I am torn on this.
I would at least like to see an extended final tour, and like I said, with rotating lead singers;
Kenny Chesney
Zac Brown
Mick Utley (son of MIke Utley)
Jesse Rice

Adam Lambert with Queen

Jimmy Buffett was the band and why people went to the show. Although the Dead continued after Jerry Garcia died. I can’t imagine “somebody” and the Heartbreakers not led by Tom Petty. It wouldn’t be the same IMO.

Bertie Higgins who had 2 hits. His die hard fans are called “Boneheads”. This one was his biggest hit.[Key Largo]

He turned down joining Dire Straits early on because he had just signed his first record contract.

Seems like a good call in retrospect.

Probably going to throw this on the turntable tomorrow with a rum drink.

I was about to ask if you were getting the new one.

It came out today.
I still haven’t listened on Spotify because I want to hear it on vinyl first

AlexGregory cartoon vinyl 1000

The best thing about vinyl was the album art

One upon a time, that was me.

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