Jim Brown, RIP

I always love how he essentially told Art Modell to shove it. The franchise has never won anything after he left.

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Probably still the best ever.

I was about to post this exact same thing.

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Something I didn’t know. Also played lacrosse.

Also Brown liked to beat up women.

Brown had a pretty good acting career. I remember him in “Mars Attack”!

If you’re a sports hero, or a leftist, then it doesn’t matter. You’ll be immortalized for pacifying the plebes with modern gladiator games.

I suspect people will forget what a piece of trash OJ Simpson was in death.

I doubt that very much. I would bet that his obituary will have lot more about the murders, the Bronco chase and the trial than about his football career. Hell, there were plenty of people who didn’t give a crap about OJ the football player but sure got interested about OJ the double-murderer.

In fairness, every piece I have read on his death has mentioned his issues with beating women, though I am sure there are some that ignored it.

This reminds me of many many years ago when I read a book written by Jim Brown. I am going solely on memory here and from many years ago at that, but I remember some comments that he made about women. Even by standards at that time, he definitely came across as a male chauvinist who felt that men were the stronger sex and that he didn’t exactly view women as their equals.