Jerry Jones

If you care about what a 14/15 year old Jerry Jones was doing 65 years ago, you got issues.

But it is the Washington Post, so we can’t ask for any actual journalism.

what color is his QB an how much is he getting paid?

Looking at the bigger picture, the Post has been running a series on the NFL’s track record of hiring minority head coaches. That article was part of that series, and the main focus was on Jones’s record as the Cowboy’s owner and his overall background.

You have posted before on this subject. I recall on the CHB where you posted about how Matt Rhule was hired as the coach of the Carolina Panther based on a minimal track record as a college coach while other minorities with better qualifications NFL-wise were passed over.

What does that have to do with his track record of hiring coaches?

I absolutely think the NFL needs to do a better job at hiring minority coaches.
I also think there are numerous factors that are race neutral.
I also am 100% sure that what 14/15 year old Jerry Jones was doing 65 years ago has zero relevance to anything happening today in the NFL.

WHY? The make of the US population is 13% black so 13% of 32 is 3 almost 4. They have 3 and that is close enough.

What’s the issue?

60% of the NFL players are black.
Don’t use irrelevant numbers.

You can’t have it both ways. If you want to talk about race and fairness then it must be set against a standard. The race standard. In order to use a race standard then you compare the race make up to the population in whole. Thus the 13%.

If you want to use race as a basis in the NFL it must be applied fairly across all aspects. That would mean you would need to reduce the make up of teams to only 13% black and make sure that 13% of the team personnel were also black.

The rest of the team and personnel would need to be 57% white, 19% hispanic and the rest asian.

That would make it race fair across the board.

Don’t you agree?

Have you ever taken a statistics class, or had to justify something professionally using real data?

By your rationale only 60% of the head coaches in the NFL should be non-Hispanic white:

That would be nineteen head coaches, compared to the twenty-six now. So, by your reasoning there is a problem with so many non-Hispanic white head coaches.


See you are pushing fairness based on race and I explained in order to use race card fairly you would have to base it on the population of the country you are using it in. This means using the race percentages of the US and applying them to the NFL as a whole.

How else could you justify unfairness based on race of the current head coaches race?

So, no.

Once again tell me how you judge fairness in black coach and admin hiring?

I gave you the only fair way would be based on US population.

Tell me your basis for any other way

no I don’t use race as a requirement you and parrot want to. I’m just pointing out the only way to be fair if you are trying to judge race as a requirement you need a base line

If we are going to play the equal race outcome card …then we need more white athletes in the NFL and less black athletes…you know to meet your quota driven agenda.

Ahh you gave it away

Yes in order to use race as a measurement then it must reflect a baseline of the population. So now NFL must only have 13% black players, NBA the same, MLB, Hockey, etc. This would cause outcry as it would make many out of work but it would be race fair then, wouldn’t it?

This is the issue of using race as that in itself is racist.

Why are 60% of the players in the NFL black? Its because the NFL rewards the best and only the best make it. The same with the coaches as they fail they are fired. Those who bring up the whole race issue wouldn’t like it if we really did race base for everything

and I’ll leave you with a quote “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” which is the way it should be

You also have reading comprehension problems as well as not being capable of figuring out how basic statistics work.
I said it needs to be addressed, I also said the solutions are race neutral.

I know statistics, point is who cares the number of coaches vs. players based on race. It is the best of both that get the job.

Do tell us what made Jeff Saturday the best candidate to get the head coaching job for the Indianapolis Colts.

You can do math, but you don’t know how statistics work.