Jeff Saturday

So the Colts just made a guy with zero coaching experience the Interim Head Coach.

I have no idea how to feel about this.

Here is the best summary.

They’ll have half a season to find out.

I normally wouldn’t fire a guy in the middle of a season unless he’s definitely lost the locker room or there’s a big scandal. It’s not like Reich was a bad coach.

Excellent article.
Isray is Snyder without the scandals.

I actually have his autograph, from back in the 90’s when he was the back up for the Bills.

That’s kinda harsh, but what if Irsay has been riding the coattails of Peyton Manning for all this time?

Hey, if Hackett doesn’t work out, maybe Reich can rescue the Broncos next year.

IMO, Wilson, with Reich, may be a good fit.

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I think both statements are harsh. Irsay has always been a bit eccentric, but if you look at Irsay’s tenure as the Colts owner, by and large the Colts have been a well-run and model franchise. That contrasts from when his father owned the team and they were a total clown show. Exhibit 1A: Robert Irsay could have ridden John Elway’s coat tails if he hadn’t been a total moron.

I get the sense that, as the article alludes to, Irsay is going of the deep end a bit now. He feels that his team had the talent to do better in recent years and has underperformed. He is now letting his emotions get the better of him.