Jalen Hurts agrees to a new contract. Bad news for Lamar Jackson

Hurts’ deal has $179.304 million in total guarantees, including $110 million fully guaranteed at signing and $126.5 million fully guaranteed by March 2024, as well as the first no-trade clause in Eagles history – another sign of the franchise’s faith in Hurts, who is still only 24 years old.

No fully guaranteed contract. Jackson needs to read the writing on the wall and figure out that DeShaun Watson’s contract was an outlier done by a clown show franchise out of desperation and is not going to be a new standard.

Literally every agent I have heard on the radio has said this exact same thing.
Watson is costing himself a ton of money by not hiring an agent.

It reminds me of home projects.
I may try to save money by doing something myself that I am not qualified to do, and end up costing me a lot by having to have a professional come clean up my mistakes.

You meant Jackson. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not only that, Jackson needs an agent to tell him where the market is and what he can expect to get and what he can not. Jackson has decided that he is better than Deshaun Watson and therefore deserves a better fully guaranteed contract. He needs somebody looking out for his interests to tell him that ain’t happening.


And it gets better regarding Jackson:

Lamar Jackson Gives Ravens Ultimatum to Trade for DeAndre Hopkins


At this rate, Jackson is going to end up somewhere where he is miserable and be asking himself where and why it all went wrong.

Twitter has a bunch of sarcastic tweets showing Jackson’s response to Hurts’ contract.