Jack Dorsey

I just watched the video of Ted Cruz eviscerating Jack Dorsey at the Senate hearings.
Two things come to mind.

  1. Dorsey is completely and utterly full of shit.
  2. IMHO, he is going the way of Howard Hughes.

I do not know Dorsey. I know he spends a lot of time here and people here seem to know him.

He isn’t Howard Hughes, Hughes was a brilliant man. Elon is more like Hughes.

Dorsey is more the guy who came up with a silly idea (Twitter) that caught on. His other idea is square and I am not sure why it is so ‘great’.

Good for him. Not sure why he’d support ideas that would deplete his wealth but I think it’s virture signaling.

I am only saying that if you watch the video, he looks like a homeless dude that was given a suit.

That was only have Hughes lost his bananas. I am a huge fan of Hughes. The guy was amazing.

Dorsey I am not a fan of as I don’t consider Twitter impressive.

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