It's Time to Embrace Physical Media Again

Mr. Hesse may have a point.

This is why I have 1,500- 2,000 CDs.


It’s a real double edged sword. Physical media takes up space & is subject to degradation. Also requires the right machines to play it.

But it is nice to know it can’t be taken away by a company.

I’ve got about that many vinyl albums

Probably worth several thousand dollars.

Oh yes, yes.

Daddy had hundreds of 78 records with his favorite big band recordings.

I haven’t listened to them in years but talking about them makes me nostalgic to listen to some of them. I think he had a bunch of Duke Ellington which was one of my favorites.

That is a retirement plan for his grandson.

I probably have about that many. I was slow to switch to streaming. And there are albums I have on CD or vinyl that aren’t available streaming.

There is an album that I had on cassette in the 90’s and bought on CD before streaming services became so popular that is not available to stream.

I did too, once upon a time, but sold them all in the early 2000s (along with the amplifier, tuner, turntable, cassette deck and other related equipment). I also had about that many 45s, and sold them at the same time.

Some never will be. I was checking on an album a while back and was in contact with the person who produced it. She had the rights to physical, but isn’t legally allowed to put that same album on streaming. Probably one of the last CDs I bought.

My BIL had a country band in Fresno when he was in his 20s, before I met my wife. They were actually pretty decent, height of success was opening for Brad Paisley. But while they produced some local CDs, nothing on streaming.

LOng before streaming I bought a cheap turntable that connected to my computer and I moved a lot of my music that way. The upside was that you got to listen to the whole song again. The downside was that the entire song had to be played, which took a bit of time. But it was worth it. I sitll have a lot of those songs on my phone, and since streaming is becoming so popular, storing music on the phone seems to be harder to do.

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