Items We Take For Granted

That My Job Easier.

Cell Phones

When I started handling claim in 1965 when I went on the road to handle claims we had to call in several times per day and we spent a lot of time looking for pay phones.

Digital voice Recorders

We started out with hand written statements, went to tape recorders and finally digital voice recorders. Instead of mailing the statements thorough USPS we can email them.

Electronic Navigation

Used to spend a lot of time looking at paper maps.

Now just watch and listen to the Garmin or Google Maps.

Paperless Files

Spent a lot of time looking for paper files in the office, now they are always at you finger tips. This leads to electronic remote supervision which reduces cost. A supervisor in Chicago can review your files just as fast as a local supervisor.

Digital Photographs

No more having the negatives developed.

Photos can be transmitted from the accident scene to the client where ever the client happens to be.

Police Report Kiosks

Don’t have to drive to the police department to get a copy of the PR, just down load it from PC.


I have never used one for work but some adjusters are using them to inspect tall roofs and storm damage areas.

Electronic Court Records

No need to go to the court house to do a back ground search. Just look up the subject electronically and down load.

The down side is that this has reduced the demand for independent adjusters along with other adverse developments in the claims business. The office I worked out of had 55 employees at one time.

Now they have two working out of their home.

The company has more employees company wide than when I retired because they went global.

What I find fascinating is as technology has increased. We see more jobs, not less.

I think gps has been a game changer. Cell phones have been around a very long time. Digital phones are evolutionary, not revolutionary. Plan had similar phones as the smart phones years ago.

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