It seemed high tech

There are many things that seemed high tech at the time but are now obsolete. Which ones do you remember

Transistor Radio
8 Track Player
45 Player Stackable
Sony Walkman
Floppy disk
3.5 Disk
10 Meg Hard Drive

Getting Close:
CD Player, CDs

When I started with International Paper back in 1988, we had an IBM System 36 midrange computer. We had one in Kansas City, one in Dallas, and one in Milwaukee. Each of them had at least 5 remote sites on it. We didn’t have fiber or DSL, but we had the fastest data connections you could get. The systems were for an online order processing system. The KC system had 7 branches on it (KC, remote KC, St Louis, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Des Moines and Lincoln. We had less than 1 Gb of hard disk space and we had 256Mb of memory. And the businesses ran surprisingly quickly. It wasn’t until 1993 on an AS/400 system that we finally got more that one gig of hard drive space. I think the most memory we had by the time I left was 512Mb

Fax machine

The wheel…

Oddly, a Fax is the only way to get a document to a company. What I never understood…I worked in Health Care and had to deal with HIPPA. If someone sent a record, even via secured email - to the wrong person, it was a HIPPA violation and had to be reported. If I faxed it to a number and as off by one digit and sent it somewhere else - well…shit happens no harm, no foul.

WE had to sell this POS when I worked at Neiman Marcus in the 70’s. It was $85 in 1977 (about $400 today) and we sold the hell out of them. People wanted this new technology. But I think we issued refunds on about 80% of them because they were utter crap


Yep. When I worked with Drug Court we had to fax a bunch of stuff. Was crazy to me.

I bought my wife a Palm Pilot for Christmas in the early 2000’s. Would have thought I hung the moon!

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