Isn't this racist part deux?

2020 Biden would call 2021 Biden a raging xenophobe.

You falling for the propaganda that Biden and other Dems called Trump xenophobic because of the China ban? Didn’t happen. People can repeat it a million more times, but that won’t make it have happened.

Trump’s policies were xenophobic, but not because of the China ban. That was necessary.

Literally Bidens own words the day the travel ban was announced.

“This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria xenophobia, hysterical xenophobia, and fear-mongering to lead the way instead of science.”

India is a dumpster fire right now. Better than a ban on flights to India is banning anybody who’s been in India In last 14 days.

Nowhere does he say the ban on China travel was xenophobic. But Trump was, throughout the process, looking for anyone else to blame, especially China, instead of working on solutions to the problem. And he was xenophobic well before then.

There was very little criticism of restricting travel from China.

Ummmm…it literally was China’s fault.

He is banning flights from India, which according to Biden version 2020 is xenophobic.

The pandemic starting in China does not make it all China’s fault. They made mistakes and aren’t transparent, but Trump made it far worse and tried to blame China.

You can lay a bunch of blame on the WHO for believing China’s lies too.

We had people on the ground.

Are you really trying to defend China in regards to Covid?

No, I’m saying their mistakes were not the cause of our lack of preparedness. Trump literally tossed out a pandemic handbook provided to him by the previous administration.

We were as prepared as anyone else.
Other than the obvious mistakes of some red state governors, our numbers are relatively the same or better than most other countries.

Since there is currently a very high rate of covid in India I feel the ban is justified. However, I also think that there is a political factor because most Indians are Hindu and Moslems have a history of hating people who are Hindu.

Yeah he did such a horrible, cringeworthy job that he got vaccines approved and rolled out in unprecedented record time. Something that even the most Trump-deranged individuals, like yourself, have been unable to rebut in any way.

That leadership action saved millions of people, not just in America but worldwide. And here you are bleating about the fact that he did not mimic the Obama administration‘s performance on H1N1, on which Biden himself admitted they did everything wrong.

It is china’s fault. There is no denying that.

The man imports all his wife’s. He isn’t xenophobic

Biden was trying to stir the pot like the idiot he is.

Actually no, that was faucci. Try again.

I literally snorted at that.

I always find it funny when people say Trump is xenophobic when he imports workers and wives.

What he doesn’t like is importing people who shouldn’t be here. I agree with him.

Immigrants have always taken the jobs Americans don’t want.