Is your shampoo making you fat?

A whole new meaning to shampoo maker’s claims that their products will give the appearance of more “volume, and body”.

Maybe the humor category would have been a better fit.

I’m sure anything is possible, but this seems like bullshit. The skin is a pretty solid barrier. It absorbs some things but the idea people are getting fat from their cosmetics sounds far fetched & hypothetical.

I can understand chemicals leeching from water bottles, or from food containers, so that it’s ingested. But the article even mentioned trash can liners.
On the surface, it seems a bit far-fetched. But if they’ve found that these chemicals somehow can be absorbed from shampoo, etc., it’s certainly worth further investigation.
Maybe it’ll turn out that it hasn’t been dining on donuts that’s caused so many people to be overweight, but the type of shampoo you’ve been using, or that very “healthy” bottled water you drink.