Is Vanity Fair the only real journalism left?

I have not read this all yet.

But from what I have, it is pretty damning to Fauci and Collins.


There’s lots of good journalism out there. We have to learn to stop clicking on clickbait nonsense that is designed to generate outrage and search it out. Propubica does good stuff; the Intercept.

Did you try incognito?
It gave me a couple of free articles

Actually, not in the US there isn’t. Too many political hacks toting the party lines.

So I finally read the entire piece.
It is obvious that Fauci and Collins are waist deep in trying to cover up any evidence that COVID may have been the product of an accidental lab leak.
It is also obvious that Fauci intentionally lied through his teeth to a Senate committee.

Incognito worked.