Is Trey Songz a Trumper?

We keep hearing how “Trumpers” are running around maskless causing all this Covid.
Do you think this R and B artist that was arrested at Arrowhead is a “Trumper”?

Per the article;
"Fans had complained during the game Sunday about a man who was not wearing a mask, and was not following the Arrowhead fan code of conduct or the “mandates of the Kansas City Missouri Health Department,
The fans asked private security to address the matter. The man, who police did not identify, “was not receptive and refused to comply with Arrowhead security,” police said.

Songz was asked to leave but he refused. Security then asked for assistance from Kansas City police officers, who told Songz that if he did not leave, he would be arrested for trespassing, according to KCPD’s statement.

He still refused to comply and an officer told Songz that he would be arrested. Songz then allegedly punched the officer and put him in a headlock, police said."

He needs to be arrested, he didn’t comply with local restrictions which then became trespassing. The punching a cop and whatnot, well shit just got serious son!

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