Is there a solid "rewards" credit card out there?

With the demise of USAA’s Limitless product (2.5% cash back) I am looking for some card that comes close to matching it. If I am going to charge, I expect to be rewarded…

It looked like the Citi Double Cash might do it with its theoretical 2% cash back, but considering all the smoke and mirrors with terms like “Thank You Points” and “Purchase Tracker”, I sense that the bank is out to credit less cash back than you think they offered.

Ideas anyone? What’s the best card available? I’m not counting the rotating ones.

I have the Cit DoubleCash, and it is still essentially a 2% rewards card for cash rebates. You earn 2 points per dollar for each purchase (once when you charge and once when you pay), and it gives you the option to redeem points for one cent per point.

In case you have not heard, one things to consider is that if if you redeem your Citi DoubleCash points as a statement credit, they will not give you the 1% of that redemption amount. That is why I always have them do a direct deposit instead.

Another alternative is the Fidelity Visa. That one gives a straight 2% as well. However, you will have to do a two-step to redeem the rewards. Step one is to deposit them into a Fidelity cash account, and step two is two move the funds from the Fidelity cash account to your bank. I have never had any issue with this.

If you really want to have some fun, you can carry multiple cards and use them for different purchase categories. However, it sounds like you are just looking for one card to use. If you are interested in the latter, let me know and I will tell you what I do.

Ditto, no issues. A bit of effort to set up for the first time (friction to reduce their costs, as some people will stupidly never put forth the effort), but after that quick & easy as pie.

Got this about a year ago.[Blue cash everyday reward card by American Express]. Never hear any mention of it on Clark’s show.

Aldi’s counts as a Supermarket. Nor sure about Walmart. E-Bay and Amazon are a couple of examples in which you get the 3% for online purchases.


That always gives me anxiety that I’ll miss a payment.

I do big volume on my fidelity investment 2% card. No limits, no exclusions, no special promotion caps. We spend in the $80-100K per year level and get 2% on everything. Using other cards with points or promotions is not worth the extra effort. Sure I could save more using some like @Payless mentioned but I would reach those $6K caps pretty quickly then drop to 1%. As for additional gas or retailer cards, the extra 1% that I could earn is not material enough for me to keep track payments for additional cards.