Is Poland a good investment?

I have about 1% of my portfolio in Poland or a 15% position in my RothIRA. I actually think I might not be invested enough

I can only get more in my portfolio if I buy calls but I don’t think I can because it’s too illiquid

Why 15% in one smallish country in an unstable region? Seems like a lot.

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Roth is 3% of my total portfolio whereas 97% is in 401k

I miscalculated; it’s only 0.45% of my total portfolio

In the best of world times, I had up to 10% invested outside the US but never all in one country. I dumped all of my international ETFs before covid and am still out of international investment. Until things generally settle down, I will stay out. As mc points out, that area in particular is just one incident away from some bad thing happening.

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Gf has family in Poland. For a while, they were looking at traveling there next summer. Glad they’ve changed plans.

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Thanks for all the tips, including how speculative the investment could be

In my 401k, I am 45% large cap, 40% small cap, and 15% international

There’s also mid-cap, bonds.

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Poland is amazing but dont know if the war has changed the security situation there. I went towth my daughter 4 years ago.

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My wife and I had discussed going, but those talks have ended. One of the places I would still like to visit is the little village where my grandfather was born. Unfortunately, it is in SE Poland, 15-20 miles west of the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine border point.

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We were in poland because we went to Lithuania to see where my dads mom and father were born. They lived 6 miles from each other but met in chicago in 1917.

Im entitled to lithuanian (and EU) citizenship but id have to be fluent in lithuanian…that shits hard.

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Poland has a spider’s web of rules for descent citizenship, none of which appear to apply to me despite having two grandparents who immigrated. If I did, I would not have to learn Polish.

Lithuanian requirement change from time to time, like if they need immigration or capital investment. If they lift the fluency and extensive knowledge of history requirement I’ll apply for it. There was a time I was thinking of living in Germany or Portugal, not thinking about that now.

My Grandparents on both my Father’s side and Mother’s came to the US in the early 1900’s from Lithuania. My Mother was born in 1917.[father in 1919]…both born in the States

Both of my Parents could speak Lithuanian but could not read or write it.Yes it is a very difficult language.

What month? My grandma was born in October

She died in February- not a bad lifespan

I don’t know.