Is it really that big of a deal to show your receipt?

They do not have the legal right to stop you.

Just say no.

Costco I comply with as it’s a term of membership. Otherwise, no.

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This is why they need less self checkout.

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Is it really that difficult to show your receipt on your way out?

If I have already put in my pocket or the bag, kind of.

You have already bought it. It is now your property.

It is a hassle I don’t want to deal with. Is it that difficult to let them probe your prostate on the way out? No, doesn’t mean I am going to let them.

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Checking your receipt is fine. Most of what I have seen in regular Walmart is a wave. If I was carrying a high dollar item I would expect no less than a confirmation.

Costco so far is only counting items. Item count in basket is same as on receipt. No problem.

Scam’s is another matter. I already checked it out and they are checking out every item again! That, my friends, is unacceptable. Not going there any more! I’ll shop regular walmart and not put up with it.

Self check out is here to stay, like it or not. A few people are trying to game the system to shoplift. I don’t understand the big deal of stores checking receipts to make sure customers don’t “forget” to scan some items. My local Wal-Mart only does it during busy times. After New Years they haven’t done it at all.

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I just breeze past the receipt checkers, except at Costco, where it is impossible.

If anyone stops me, I say, “White people gotta do that, too?” It gets a laugh.

That is the job of their cashier. It isn’t my job to let them search me or detain me.

Costco is a different beast because you agree to it as a term of being a member.

I have almost gotten into fistfights over this. Sometimes employees don’t know the law or get overzealous in their sad attempts of authority. Walmart was the worst offender but I rarely shop there.

There isn’t a cashier at self check out. There is one employee watching many self checkout stations to observe and help when people have problems.

Self check out is here to stay and businesses have the right to make sure people aren’t stealin stuff. And businesses are private property so you don’t have any “rights” until you walk out the front door.

My problem with self checkout is that prices to the consumer should have gone down since they no longer staff manned check out lines. I’m doing their work. They are saving money because of it, but they aren’t passing the savings on to me.

They can detain you if they think you stole something but they risk a serious lawsuit and criminal charges if they are wrong.

In California shopkeepers operated “shopkeepers privelage”. They had to have PC to detain you which showing your receipt does not qualify.

As such, I ignore their request and keep walking. It has turned into an issue a few times and once law enforcement was involved but otherwise most people know to leave it be.

If they want to reduce theft, hire more cashiers. Don’t harass me.

You overlook how self-check-out limits how much the stores need to raise prices.

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But if the item costs a buck and a half with a human checking it out, why does it still cost a buck and a half when I scan it myself. They aren’t paying the machine a salary…they aren’t matching a 401K contribution for a machine and they aren’t paying for health insurance for a machine. It would have been nice to reduce the price to $1.49 just to say thanks.

You have the right to leave.