iPad Air

I didn’t realize until recently that my iPad Air is apparently outdated and now, no longer supported. Thing is, though I originally bought one several years ago, this one is a replacement, bought at an Apple store less than two years ago. Nothing wrong with the device itself except most apps being released now require an update version Apple does not provide for this iPad. So, if I want to continue using some very basic apps, I’ll likely have to replace a device that is less than two years old and otherwise actually working fine.

I think I’d be more understanding if the device were actually old, but it’s not. They were continuing to sell it not that long ago.

Normally they’re supporter for 5 years.

From release date or date when they stop selling them?

Normally they change them every few years. Did you buy a refurb or new?

Normally 5 from when they stop iirc

Replacement when the battery in my old one died. So, I don’t remember.

What model is it?

Original Air.

It was supposed for 5 years after it was last sold

Thanks. Of course, last sold to me less than two years ago.

The original they stopped selling in 2016

I’m guessing they continued to sell refurbished in the stores.

I have an iPad that’s been amazing since day one but in last 2 months the battery has given up the ghost. Battery used to last days, now it’s hours and it’ll shut down with 35% remaining. It’s also about 5 years old.

New iPads aren’t that expensive unless you get all the upgrades. Occasionally cell carriers have “free” iPads when you upgrade your phone, you just have to pay the cell service on the IPad.

I’m an Android guy and one of the reasons is there are a lot more devices at different prices to choose from. My current tablet cost $70 and they sent me free wireless airbuds if I gave them a positive review.

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