Invest in tent manufactures?

Serious question. What would be a good stock that will benefit from selling tents?

The homeless issue is not getting resolved and tents are everywhere. Now that we have million of illegals, this is further pressuring the housing crisis and NY is now supplying tents to the migrants.

Tents are not durable and not made for long term living. You will need to replace your tent frequently and tent manufactures have a bright future.

I don’t think there’s a lot of profit in cheap tents, my kid bought a four-person Coleman that’s pretty nice for like 60 bucks on Amazon. Ultralight tents get pretty expensive, but that’s not what they’re handing out to homeless people.

Yeah set them up in central park and wait for winter. After they all freeze get rid of them before spring thaw

It’s a volume game. As units of production ramp up, every additional tent is higher profit than the previous one.

Ah, stack 'em deep and sell 'em cheap.

The real solution to homelessness is for people who say they care about the issue take them into their home, the homeless person will have an address, shower and access to a kitchen. It’s a win-win.

RV companies and parks have seen a new customer, the person that needs a RV for necessity and not choice.

Check out Bob Wells on YouTube, Cheap RV Living. There was also a YouTube about a mile and a half stretch of road in California where RVs were parked bumper to bumper. Many of the people had jobs and made okay money but couldn’t afford rent.

That’s been a problem for decades. LA city law is you cannot be towed or assessed parking fines if you live in the vehicle. Sp what’s happening is people are taking nasty ass RVs that dont run and have no power and parking them in LA and living in them.