Intermittent fasting (TMI warning)

I lost 40 lbs last year, partially by intermittent fasting.
I gained about 20 of it back, 10 good, 10 bad.
In trying to gain the good 10, I stopped the fasting, but have now started again to drop the bad 10.
Has anybody else done this and if so, has stuff come out of you that is so repugnant that you can’t believe you ate anything that would create that?

Conceptually it makes sense, because the point is to get rid of the “extra” that your body is holding on to. But my son accused me of a war crime for using the basement bathroom.

I have tried intermittent fasting but don’t tend to do well with it. When I’m hungry & I don’t eat, I lose energy & get headaches.

I never had bowel distress whether on or off it. Your issues are worse while fasting or not fasting?

My big epiphany enabling me to hold onto the good weight while keeping off the bad was to eat plenty of protein (upwards of 1 gram per lb of body weight each day) while staying active with muscle exercises several times a week.

I kept weight down by eliminating junk, but I also wasted muscle. Keeping protein up has made a huge difference.

That sounds like a lot of protein. I’m at 218 lbs, so…

Yeah that’s a good point. How about this instead: 1 gram per pound of target body weight.

So a skinny dude weighing 140 & trying to get to 175 would eat 175.

A guy at 250 trying to drop to 200 would eat 200 or less.

Definitely worse while fasting.
If I remember right it should level out after about a month.

A trainer at my gym is a big proponent of increasing protein intake, I just have to be able to find ways to get it without the fat.

Eggs are a good source of low fat protein

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What’s so bad about eating it with the fat? Fat helps digest the protein. Here is my key ingredient:

When my daughter was doing a bodybuilding competition, she went thru a couple of dozen eggs every week. Sometimes more.;

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