Interesting thing about Tesla

I came across this video…James May isn’t happy with Tesla. If you own one, you might want to be aware of this. It seems like there should be an easier way to get this.

Shockingly major design flaw, considering how enthusiastic the Tesla cult is. Very good to know.


The guy that wrote The Big Short is placing a massive short bet on Tesla stock. I know people love the cars and are making money on the stock but I just don’t get the fascination. VW will have every model of their cars (incl audi and porsche) available in an electric version within a few years. I think has pledged to do same in next 5 or 6 years.

I know Tesla has other things going on but on electric cars alone I don’t think they can compete with VW/Audi.

I am mildly excited about the new F150. It still looks like a normal truck. I doubt I would pull the trigger on it with $40K entry level price tag. I guess, something that could change my mind would be a MASSIVE tax cut. I hate paying taxes plus where I live, if I had an electric plug in vehicle I would be supporting the powder river basin coal companies. That in itself almost makes me want to buy one.

I scrolled down a bit in the comments on the YouTube version. Someone says they’ve fixed this issue with the M3.

I believe that they did…but - I only have to have the key of my Mazda with me to open the doors or start the car. Should the battery in the fob OR the battery in the car die, I can push a small button on the key fob and presto…there is a real key that allows me to unlock the door and access what I need. I guess with the Model S you are SOL since the door handle won’t pop out for you to open it. Technology can be great, but it can also be a self inflicted pain in the ass in the the name of being cool. I do notice that the Model 3 doesn’t have the pop out door handles.

The thing is, this is such a no-brainer it is disappointing to hear they made such a dumb mistake.

Batteries get used up & go dead. They should not be buried beneath several layers of crap to get to. At least not without a simple mechanical backup like yours.

I’m sure there’s some kind of explanation for the decision, but Jesus crust that is pretty indefensible.

That’s why I went to the YouTube version and glanced through the comments. I expected to see someone saying no, this guy is wrong, or there’s an easy workaround. I didn’t scroll all the way through, but I didn’t see that. Just that it doesn’t apply to my car.

Lol that would have been my first instinct as well if I was in your shoes.

You still enjoying it? I hear it is a sweet ride.

Yeah, it’s fun. There are several features I haven’t fully checked out.

I’m not sure if Elon Musk thinks lie a twelve year old boy or just knows some of his customers are that immature. If you use the voice command “open butthole” it will open the charging port. You can change the turn signals to farting noises if you want.

Actually it designed that way on purpose. You don’t want people to be able to access the frunk easily. I keep a handgun in mine. I wouldn’t want anyone just walking up and opening it.

I have let mine sit for 4 months and didn’t have an issue. Not sure how quickly it drains but it isn’t extremely quick.

Have you seen the Electric Audi? It’s incredibly expensive. Doesn’t have the tesla feel and it doesn’t charge as quickly. Also the range wasn’t that great. The range is around 200, the car cost 80K.
My tesla has a range of about 300 and a price of 60K with FSD driving.

Now Elon has said all the technology from Tesla can be used by other companies. They really don’t want to make cars as much as t he technology. VM and the others should use their charging technology.

Didn’t he open source some of his tech?

They use open source. I think they have offered but nobody has asked. The charging I believe is open source. He wants people to use the charging technology. There are several competing standards and the Tesla one is the best.

I haven’t tried the open butt hole.

The fart is the emissions test. You can also change it per seat/

He has opened up his patents, but attached strings to companies using them.

Wow didn’t see that one coming. At least the guy has a sense of humor.

They can’t have a metal key as a backup to the battery-powered keyless entry? That seems silly.

They could. Just doesn’t fit their design.

Now here is one downside to the handles. They can’t freeze over. They recommend pounding on them.

I own a Model S Long-Range…love it. Now that I am working from home I charge it about 2x per week and my wife drives the car routinely. I think we may spend $30 per month on gas. I do think Tesla would be better off if they subbed out the manufacturing process and focused on technology.

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