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Greta Thurnburg is protesting wind turbines.

Other than the fact that she is a homely young person who was passionate about the environment, I think her 15 minutes are up.

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I have to disagree, she is literally protesting “green” energy.

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HEr claim to fame was the environment. She is looking at ways to stretch her e15 minutes to a half hour.

Her parents need to be bitch slapped for allowing this to happen.

It really should be pointed out to the intellectually challenged, that Greta ain’t protesting the wind generators themselves, just their placement on the grounds of indigenous people. It seems to be some righteous NIMBY and backed by Norway courts, but not enforced so far.

I really thought you might be better than that KC.

We know, doesn’t make it any more idiotic.
You realize these indigenous people use power?

Edit to add:

Reindeer Herding in Finland.

From the link;

"The snowmobile was first introduced to Sámi herders in Finland in the winter of 1961, and it quickly revealed the advantages it had to offer. A herd of sixty-five reindeer could be collected and driven by a single man on a snowmobile, which would save thousands of man-hours for the herders. "

So do you… the windmill’s on the way… we need your address, please.

If it made economical sense for me to install a windmill for power for my home I would.
I am considering installing solar panels, but have to figure the ROI first.

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Here is the thing, windmills don’t work real well in the suburbs, they need an open windy area (hence the name WINDmill).

Your home your decision. Norway’s Sami homes… their decision. They’d rather not have the machines in the heart of the land where the reindeer roam. They’d probably prefer solar, too… but that far north it’s not a reasonable option for 7 or 8 months of the year.

But, but, but…

from the article;

“151 turbines, which can power some 100,000 Norwegian homes”

Shouldn’t it be for the “greater good”?


If your yard can support 151 turbines, and your neighbors don’t object, go for it, knock yourself out… go for the “greater good,” surprise me. I’ll look forward to your results.

If you can fit 151 turbines into about 1/2 acre be my guest.
Wonder how well the blades of those turbines will work that close together.


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If the global warming lemmings weren’t all hypocrites and gave up nonrenewable energy the problem would fix itself, it’s YOUR fault we have climate change Geeze.


She isn’t protesting the energy. She’s protesting the disruption of the Sami people.

I find it weird to call them indigenous people but I’m No expert on the topic.

Why should they have any say in the matter? Private property rights should prevail

Unsightly, how dare you! We’re powering 100,000 homes so shouldn’t there be a zoning change?