I'm easily impressed

I saw a Tik Tok video a couple days ago that showed to gently crack an egg on the round bottom before boiling. I eat more eggs than anyone probably should and usually buy peeled hard boiled eggs from Costco because I’ve tried every method known to easily peel an egg and they didn’t work. This way is amazing.

BTW I changed the title of this thread from “why am I just learning this” to “I’m easily impressed”.

What problem do you have peeling eggs?

The method you’re supposed to use is let the eggs get room temp before boiling then they won’t stick to the shell

Over the years I’ve tried them all, older eggs, using room temperature eggs, starting with cold water, adding vinegar to the water, do a Voodoo dance before boiling, etc and none worked very well for me. I was just amazed how well it works, but I’m also easily impressed.

add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to your water when boiling eggs.

The shells come off super easy.

What tends to work for me, set the eggs out and let the water boil. Drop all the eggs into the water. Let it get back to boiling, cover then turn the stove off. Let it sit for 25 minutes then plunge into an ice bath for about 10-15 minutes.

I eat a fair amount of eggs. That works most of the time.

I also use the ice bath.

Yep, I’ve always done that too. With cracking the eggs first I just ran cold tap water over the eggs and let them sit in cold water for 5 minutes and the shells just slipped off easily.

That seems to have helped a lot.

Never peel a warm egg in my experience it never works

I bought the cheapest 65" 4k TV from Costco yesterday and set it up last night. For a little over $500 with tax and a 5 year warranty I’ll have to say I’m impressed.


Good picture and built in Roku, plus I can use voice commands with Google Assistant. Like I said, I’m easily impressed.

Damn you!!!
Clicked on the link and it is out of stock!!!

Watch some 4K videos on your new TV from YouTube then you will be super impressed.

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I picked it up at my local store, it’s on sale until 12/19. I’m going to pick up a Vizio sound bar today that’s on sale and has good reviews.


I picked up a soundbar last year at Nebraska Furniture Mart for my basement that I am super happy with.
Off the top of my head I can’t remember the brand.

I have the exact soundbar. Bought it about 2 years ago from Costco. Have it hooked up to my 17 inch laptop.

Excellent sound, you will be happy with it.

Good thing about Costco is that they have concierge service when you buy stuff from them. Really helps if you are having a problem with an electronic device.

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Costco is great for electronics because of the price and perks they offer, although I’ve never used the concierge service. I bought my kid an Apple laptop a couple years ago, a few months after the purchase I received a $100 Costco gift card in the mail with a letter saying something about they negotiated a better deal with Apple so they were giving me a hundred bucks back. That was nice of them.

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