If schools aren't teaching these things parents should

A lot of these already are.

A lot of car maintenance is no longer for the average driver. And my car needs little maintenance at all, beyond tire care. Most of the others should be taught, but if you can’t get them on standardized tests, the schools won’t focus on them.

And when it does it takes a specialist.
I know a guy that owns a repair shop and he won’t touch the tools or training for Teslas.

Public speaking usually is, I’d like to see “self defense”, that’d be fun.

How do you evaluate a students knowledge and progress in a subject without a test?

Personal Finance should be at the top of the list.


Join the wrestling team.

To graduate my kid had to take a personal finance class in high school. He took it in the summer, it was online plus a couple days in the classroom. It was pretty basic but he learned a few things.

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I think what he is saying is that these subjects are not on a standardized test, so there is no focus on them.

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Both of mine too.
I think they both took it online during the summer.

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I’d rather see them teach pro wrestling (WWE), krav maga or ninja type stuff. It’d be fun, you could learn how to bust a folding chair over someone’s back, give a flying elbow off the tap rope or a figure four leg lock.

Ah, got it.

Going off topic, but wrestling is my sport, and I also act in local theater.
There is a local outfit that teaches screen fighting as well as faux sword fighting.
Next summer I may treat myself to some classes for my birthday.

I’ve been wanting to get my kid archery lessons, but hard to find them.

As long as we’re wondering off topic, this is pretty cool.

Groupon had a introduction to archery offer a few years ago at a local archery shop, we did it on a Saturday afternoon with a couple friends and went out for a few beers afterwards with the instructor. It was pretty fun.

Why no child left behind should be unconstitutional

I could literally find you about 10 within 15 miles of my house.


I agree with the personal finance, self defense, home repairs, etiquette, cooking and maybe survival skills, insurance and taxes

The problem depends on who teaches this stuff and if there is an agenda such as social or financial that reduces the efficacy of what’s taught

For instance if Capital One sponsors a curriculum, it might be more focused on establishing credit then on reconciling an account what we used to call balancing a checkbook