If I had this attitude when I was working, I'd be fired

Such a Diva

Derrick Thomas used to not even put on his shoes for half the practices.
Veterans get a lot of leeway in their contracts.

But, this is one reason why this won’t be as big of a improvement to the Jets as it could be.

Not every QB is Mahomes, who literally has a receiver camp in the offseason.

All true. I said last year that for all that the Packers were paying Rodgers he should have had his ass at those work-outs working out with his new receivers, who, by the way, were his new receivers because his contract took up so much of the salary cap they could not keep the previous ones. At the same time, he was not required to be there. His decision says a lot about him.

As a Buffalo Bills fan I wish Rodgers would stay away from all of the work-outs. I will setle for half, though.


Perhaps that is true, but Thomas had been with the team how long? He didn’t do it when he first showed up. A QB is the leader of the team and if you are being paid several million dollars to move to a new team with players you have never worked with, If I were the Jets owner I would call him up to my office and tell him that whatever percentage of practices and team events he misses, his pay will be cut by a similar percentage. And in the regular season, if he is “off” with his receiving corps, we’ll talk about a little bonus deduction.

I used to like this guy, but he was so dickish with the Packers, and by extension to the Packer fans that got to where I couldn’t stand him. And he’s all about him. What is is proudest accomplishment? He’ll be quick to tell you being MVP 4 times. But that’s an individual award. What team awards has he won them?

Too late, contract has been signed.

And that contract most likely specified that he would play for the team as quarterback and would be expected to perform the duties of a leader of the team. That he tells you up front that he’ll go to at least half the practices. That means he didn’t enter into the contract in good faith. IF he showed up for every team event but sucked during the regular season, then that’s life…a contract is a contract. But I don’t think that the Jets were willing to pay millions for a part time leader.

Unlike Lamar Jackson, Rodgers has an actual agent that negotiated his contract and knows what is required of him.

Jackson just became the highest paid player in league history.

Lets see what his contract is like when he is 39

I would also guess that the collective bargaining agreement sets forth what workouts players may and may not be required to attend.

It does, there are several “voluntary” workouts, but some contracts have financial incentives to ensure that they are borderline mandatory.
Most veterans get those incentives written out of their contracts.

If I was looking at a 39 year old quarterback whose past history has been somewhat lackadaisical and was considering a $60 million contract to come to a new team with new players and expect him to get me to the super bowl…when in his entire time in Green Bay he got to ONE super bowl, then I’d want to make damn sure that he gets to know every damned player on the team at practice and NOT at a Knicks game.

Then that owner better be highly involved in the next collective bargaining negotiations.

As has been said before, Rodgers had already signed his contract when he was with Green Bay, and the CBA also limits what teams can make their players do.

How would you propose the Jets have made damn sure Rodgers got to know his teammates at practice and not at a Knicks game?

If I was that owner, I’d make it very clear that my offer expects that he will be at every meeting…every practice…every team event. IF he finds that unacceptable, I’d wish him well and let him stay with a team he doesn’t want to stay with or retire…his choice.

I had heard Mahomes say that his football idol growing up was Rodgers. I hope that he doesn’t adopt Rodgers later in life divaness. Because right now, he’s been to two more super bowls and has one one more. But he damn near works with the scouts to pick the players he wants.

Here he is working with one of his recievers

And the players union would file a grievance, and win