I would expect more from Vandy!

Put this under “humor” because it has to be a joke.

How is this twit allowed around literally any system of education, much less a prestigious University like Vanderbilt?

I never was good at math. Nowadays I just ask Siri. :joy:

P.S. This guy is nuts.

At some point…everything and everyone discriminates against some other minority of people, places or things. There, we got that out of the way…now lets continue on with our lives.

My kids are really good at math, we sometimes have a race who can do things faster in their head or use a calculator.

There was a kid on Asia’s got Talent, he has a nickname,that being called the “Human Calculator”. From what I read about him, he is legit. No magic tricks involved.

Ya, none of us are quite at that level.

Speaking of Math…

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