I signed up to buy Ford Maverick

Ford is building a small “truck” with 40MPG hybrid base model priced at $20K. I ordered the ecoboost engine with 4K tow package.

I am a heavy highway driver and the hybrid gas savings is only 1MPG better on highway than the all gas model so I opted for the gas model. I know its not really a truck since it is a unibody but for someone like me this could be a real winner. Living in the country and frequently buying feed, tractor parts, and other things that have no business being hauled in a trunk or cab of a vehicle. After the warranty period, I will likely convert it to run on propane and fill it at home.

This is going to be my first new vehicle that is not a Toyota. I hope ford delivers a homerun.


That may end up being my daughters “after college” vehicle.
I am not doing a deep dive into all the features, but I can definitely see her in that.

If they can keep that base model close to $20k, they will sell all they can make.

I thought you were talking about this. Guess my age is showing

I used to have a 1970 Ford Maverick.

I actually love the old maverick. If I could find a reasonably priced V8 maverick I would buy it. Most of these have serious rust issues in the rear wheel well. I had a 73 Mercury Comet (twin to the Maverick).

My daughter can have the new one, I want that!

I went in and played around with the build option. The hybrid is actually $1,000 LESS than the gas engine. It looked like there was a slew of options you could add…It will be interesting to see how dealers will order them and how close to the advertised price point they can stay.

Currently they are going to hold MSRP for the preorders. I suspect that the regular inventory will be selling for $3K+ above sticker until all the car inventory issues are resolved. If you were looking to flip a car, I suspect you could buy a preorder and flip it for a few grand if you don’t like it. The dealer is doing no deposit because they want the inventory if you choose not to buy. Ford is going to do the preorders first then general inventory for dealers. The dealer is probably hoping I don’t buy when it is delivered because they will likely put it on the lot at a premium.

I also feel like they were priced before some of the recent inflationary pressures. The later models will likely go up.

This is making a big splash because the base is actually the hybrid and cost less. I think this is the first time the hybrid is being priced lower than the tradition ICE.

I’m on the ‘list’ for a Maverick, whatever that means. I will not pay above sticker but if the value on my Tacoma holds I could get a more functional truck (for what I use it for anyway) that gets better gas mileage and is new instead of 200k miles for about $10,000. But on the other hand, my Tacoma will probably go another 200k easily and I’m not sure what the Ford will do.

Two dealers contacted me in the last couple of days. The dealer will have to submit your build. I got email confirmation from ford today.

In the middle of the picture, there is a huge mound of snow Underneath is my 1970 Ford Maverick.

The year was 1978. The Northeast was hit by the “Mother of all snowstorms”.

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