I may have to move to Tampa!

I think Gisele needs some comforting!!

Like I said earlier, I wonder if ten years from now Brady will think that unretiring was worth it. I wonder what he thinks even now.

Given the Bucs record, I think he may be kicking himself.

And, for the obligatory column with a ridiculous racial angle:

Yes go out on top!

I don’t know who’s had it worse: Brady that couldn’t let go of football and screwed his relationship with women or Tiger couldn’t let go of his affairs with women and screwed up his golf career

I liked Brady but it was time to go

You couldn’t afford her eye shadow bill.

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He doesn’t even look like himself anymore

Looks like he has lost some weight. Can see it in his face.

Parrot, why not see if you can jump into this situation, complete the fantasy?

I just fainted!!

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