I’m not crying, your crying

My daughter walked the stage at her High School graduation tonight.
I cried about 10 times, some for kids that I have got to know over the last 13 years.


Congrats bro, that is awesome. Terrific milestone.

I’m sure those tears had nothing to do with the fact that her time at home is limited. :wink:

She actually leaves Friday morning to go work at a YMCA summer camp as a counselor all summer,

crpaarrothead - Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation from high school. Wishing her all the best as she enters the next phase of her life!

Congrats. 5 years to go for my kid.

Congrats. Mine was a few years ago.

Congrats parrot! My son graduated college a couple weeks ago and literally slept through the ceremony. There was no ceremony but there was a grad walk around campus and my son said he didn’t want to spend money on a gown for it. While I appreciate the frugality, it would’ve been nice to have some kind of ceremony.

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