I love Rand Paul

Paul is calling out Fauci and Fauci really has no defense.

Best quote;

“You’ve been vaccinated and you parade around in two masks for show,” Paul told Fauci

Nothing in the article or the video reflects your spin.

Paul calls himself a medical professional. He should know better.

Fauci double masking is pure 100% theatre.
And he had nothing to defend it.

Fauci refuses to acknowledge any data that goes against his preconceived bias’.

Why isn’t Fauci calling for 100% re-opening of schools?

When was the last time Fauci practiced medicine as in diagnosed, treated and cured a patient of a sickness?

Fair enough.
But that is two months ago, why isn’t he hammering the teachers unions for fighting against it?
Why isn’t he hammering Democratic elected officials for not following the advice?

Considering Osterholm said it was a bad idea. I agree. I wish Biden had removed Fauci and just put Osterholm in charge.

I don’t think that’s his style. He didn’t hammer Trump last year, he pretty much did what he was told.

(Yes, I know he criticized Trump after January)

Circling back to double masking.
I said a while ago that it was dumb, but even I didn’t realize how dumb it was.
Several of the twits that I see now double masking are doing it backwards.
The alleged benefit from it is to use a cloth or paper mask to help keep the seal of an N95, but I see numerous twits wearing the N95 over a cloth mask.
The double masking is literally because Pete wanted the protection of an N95 and the fashion of a cloth mask.

He criticized officials that didn’t follow his advice (even when they had better results than those that did).

Never put in under the N95. The N95 only works if it’s on tight. I have seen so many people wearing them wrong and I want to choke them.

The mask should leave marks on your face when you’re wearing it. Otherwise, you’re wasting a mask.

While I make fun of cloth mask, N95 have shown to lower infections if worn properly.

Because the teachers unions aren’t fighting the CDC plan to open schools. They’re trying to get their schools to follow all of it, and to some extent, get teachers vaccinated.

Every teacher I know is exhausted because teaching online sucks. They want to be back in the classroom, but safely.

First sentence is bullshit.
The second paragraph is 100% true. But there is a difference between teachers and the Teachers Unions.

If the schools had all the things in the CDC guidance, including space for distancing, ventilation, and enough subs, there would be no fight. Districts can’t guarantee those things yet.

My kid’s school may be going back soon, at least hybrid.

Mercy me. Try as hard as he does, Rand will never be half the man, or politician, that his daddy is.

A big pair of shoes that Rand will never be able to fill.