I love Nate Silver

I tagged you because I would never have started following him if you hadn’t posted about him on the old CH board.

The best part of this is him calling out Kristian Anderson (for those that don’t know, he is the “expert” that emailed Fauci that Covid almost certainly came from a lab, but then after a meeting with Fauci and Francis Collins called his own hypothesis crazy) as a liar in no uncertain terms.

I doubt we’ll ever know for sure. Most scientists still think it is more likely to have come from animals. The coincidences are the best evidence for lab leak.

Agreed, but the people most vocal of either theory are the ones with the most to lose it were ever proven to be a lab leak.

the two ideas are not exclusive.

People seem to think the lab leak means it was genetically engineered. That isn’t the theory at all.

The best evidence of the lab leak is the lab studies corona viruses and China has a history of lab leaks.

Yes, and that it originated in the very region where this lab exists.

I get that the claim isn’t necessarily that it was engineered, though some are claiming that.

Yes but if you look at the experts, they felt the lab was a likely source.

Yes there are even some experts who claim it was engineered but I have never bought into that.

Here is an example where they have leaked in the past