I like this hire

University of Missouri hired a new AD.
The press release is full of “woke” code words.
But she is highly qualified and could be a great role model for up and coming women in athletics.

People should be hired on based on their qualifications and if you say she’s good choice I believe you. The problem is when extremist groups demand quotas.

Her credentials are solid.
But the press release has a lot of buzz words in it.
It was actually a win/win for Mizzou.

Buzzwords? They mention the diversity of the conference, and that she is a member of an association of minority coaches or something. I don’t see much else.

It talks about how “diverse” her hires were at UNLV.

Whick…kinda matters in higher ed.

Once again, I like the hire, and Mizzou did a great job at marketing it.
But the press release literally mentions nothing about the on the field success of her hires.

Better than hiring the best qualified person for the job?

Seems you missed this, which appeared right before the mention of diversity:

“While at UNLV, Reed-Francois has hired head coaches in men’s and women’s basketball, football, women’s soccer, softball, volleyball, and women’s track and field, with three of them already earning Conference Coach of the Year honors.”

Once again, you are arguing to argue.
I stated the press release was a good balance.