I have to brag a little

My daughter is a nurse and works in the cardiovascular ICU. She works with heart transplant patients and others who have issues but may be too old to get a transplant. So she sees death more than the average person. But my kid touches lives. This is a text she got from woman whose husband passed away in the hospital the other day. His name was Jack and her name was JIll. She became close to both of them, in part because Jill reminded her of her grandmother. They say you shouldn’t get close to patients because they might not make it. But her attitude is that if you are coming in and don’t know if you’ll ever go home, wouldn’t you want somebody who cared to be there. Molly was in the room when Jack passed. She held Jill to comfort her. Jill was crying and MOlly said she was crying silent tears because she knew she had to be strong for Jill. This is a text conversation they had

I’m not the greatest guy in the world but I take pride that I have a kid as caring as my girl.


She is that way because of who you are.

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