I have a welcome side effect from covid shots

I have psoriasis on 4 of my knuckles. I have had it for over 20 years. It’s annoying and particularly bad during winter with dry skin where my skin on my knuckles will crack and become mildly painful. The psoriasis is not so bad that I take meds or use creams. I had been prescribed stuff in the past that just never really worked and I discontinued using them 10+ years ago.

I noticed a significant improvement and nearly cured after my original covid shots last year. After about 6 months, my psoriasis flared back up and I assume it was due to the waning of the covid shots. Over Christmas, I got covid and there was no changes to my condition. Last Wednesday, I got my booster and I have noticeable improvement today.

I might not be protected from contracting covid, but if it turns out to cure my psoriasis on my hands, I might keep on taking the shots. I guess I will consult my doctor.

But what about that third testical you’re growing?

Wait, that could be a welcome side effect too.

Now I did get a killer erection when getting the covid shot but that might be from the hot nurse. IDK.

I wonder if everyone would be anti mrna if it was a cure for ED or magic male enhancement shot?

I had an Aunt who back in the 50s had Psoriasis. It was extremely painful and there were not a lot of treatments then.

My sister had a major flareup of her eczema after the shot. This was months ago. It is not yet fully settled down. She is very reluctant to use Cortisone creams.

I do not recall any changes in my eczema from the shot. A combination of Clobetasol Ointment and Allegra keeps me comfortable.

Allegra has worked for me while other non sedating Antihistamines have failed.

I rarely use cortisone. I sometimes use Aveeno with collodial oatmeal, with is good if the condition is not too bad. My doc recommended it.

When I need a faster and stronger solution I use MG217, another OTC treatment.

The one with a coal tar base lasts longer, but it is aromatic.

Most drug stores should have these.