I hate to say it

But Cuomo may actually have a point.

It is almost unthinkable that he was helping his brother without at least the knowledge, if not explicit permission/direction from CNN.

Unless Cuomo has a smoking gun, this is laughable. A smoking gun would be a memo or verified email encouraging him to use CNNs resources to defend and spin the news for his brother.

I read the article and think that Cuomo doth protest a bit too much.

I would highly doubt that exists. I would think the CNN brass would be smart enough not to document unethical behavior.

Maybe, this is a situation where I hope both sides lose.

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All Cuomo needs is for former CEO Jeff Zucker and/or Allison Gollust (an appropriate name), both ousted in Chris Cuomo’s wake, to step forward and say that Zucker told Chris Cuomo to do what he did to help his brother.

If that happens, pinch me, because it would be a dream come true!!!

Could be worth 25m in Bitcoin to zucker.

Note to Price: Zucker and Zuckerberg are two different people. Lol!

And it keeps getting better;

The best part about this is that Cuomo isn’t even denying that he is a piece of shit.
He is simply saying that being a piece of shit was an expectation.

I often tend to think that, then I’m proven wrong. People are way more stupid than we think.

True Dat…individually humans aren’t exactly critical thinkers, we don’t usually game things out very well. In groups our collective IQ seems to go down.

I have said it before, read the book “The Wisdom of Crowds”.

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