I glued my hand to a Starbucks counter. Here’s why

I glued my hand to a Starbucks counter. Here’s why.

When I saw the headline I figured it was support of unionizing Starbucks. Little did I know.

That made me think of this

Cromwell is upset Starbucks charges more for vegan milk, if it costs more Starbucks should charge more and customers should be willing to pay for it if that’s what they want. I doubt his protest will change anybody’s mind.

I seriously can’t stop laughing!!
How the fuck did the WAPO give this nut a platform?

James Cromwell is a fairly well-known actor who has been around for a while. I am guessing that helped him.

I remember Cromwell as Stretch Cunningham on All in the Family.

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Though it was on reruns for me that was a good show

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