I can't afford to pay parking tickets, so my car got towed. It upended my life

Not paying parking tickets can have consequences.

At a certain point, the person should have contacted the DMV and tried to work out a deal.
I have a level of sympathy, but not going to blame the “system” on this.

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I don’t have much sympathy. From the article, she pretty much admits that she knew about the parking restrictions and ignored them and then blew off the parking tickets.

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I don’t think the DMV has anything to do with it in CA.

I am sure there is a number on the bottom of the ticket for who to call.

From the link;

"I’m required to pay all fines to the DMV in full, "

That is what the author of the piece said. That does not make it true.

Click on the embedded link at that section. It goes to an LA Times article on the subject and discussed the City of Los Angeles. It does not refer to the DMV anywhere.

I can’t be certain, but I live in CA. The DMV handles things like vehicle licenses and driver’s licenses and such. Parking tickets would be done by different localities.

I got one in SF a few years ago that pissed me off. I didn’t have a ticket on my car, but I got a reminder in the mail. Best I can figure, I parked my car in an attended parking garage, they moved it, and got a ticket, and they removed the ticket and never said a word to me. I appealed and denied.

A guy I knew appealed a parking ticket, with pictures and everything.
He got denied, but the fine reduced.

From the link… As a widow and single mother in L.A. County who depends on survivor benefits, I knew I was just one disaster away from poverty. That disaster came in June this year when my car was towed for an insurmountable debt of unpaid parking tickets.

If I knew I couldn’t afford a parking ticket I’d made sure I was parked legally. Seems like she knew she had tickets but just didn’t care.

Two years ago I moved into my apartment. Since it didn’t come with a parking space, I received multiple citations our first week there. The ”no parking” limits from 2:30 to 5 a.m.: $63. No stopping: $95. Expired meter: $58. My limited income was stretched so thin, I simply couldn’t afford to pay them.

I think this is what Dave Ramsey used to refer to as a “stupid tax”

It sounds like she thinks she’s entitled to park where she wants and it’s someone else’s fault her car got towed. After the first ticket I’d be very careful where I parked, I don’t have any sympathy for her.

This reminds me of the episode of The Odd Couple where Felix won a car and they couldn’t find a parking spot that didn’t cost them an arm and a leg.

Kind of reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where they paid a dude to move their cars to avoid tickets.

In Boston, Massachusetts, think it started about 40 years ago…your car would get “booted” until you paid all your parking tickets. They call it the BOSTON BOOT.

Think that other cities across the country have something similar to this.

There is a viral video of how to get those off.

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