I am probably going to jinx Utah now

…but it will be funny as hell to see how USC fans react if Utah beats them in the Pac 12 championship game and cost USC its spot in the playoffs.

Two Big 10 teams in will surely make the SEC homers on ESPN lose their shit!

Update: Utah just scored. 40-24 Utah with 5:29 left. Utah too a bone-headed unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and blew the extra point. Still a two score game.

If USC does lose, I can see some homer writers saying that they should still be in the playoff.

I can’t see how that can be justified.

That won’t stop them from trying. I still remember in 2002 when Miami and Ohio State both went unbeaten and played in the title game. One homer writer said USC belonged ahead of Ohio State.

USC just fumbled and lost. This is fun to watch. :rofl:

Utah just scored again. This is an old-fashioned beat-down. USC won’t be able to say they suffered a close loss against a highly-ranked team.

Utah won. 47-24.

Although I don’t think there is even a snowball’s chance in hell of it happening, it would be funny if Purdue beat Michigan tomorrow.

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No, it would not.

For how it would further upend the playoffs and all of the subsequent debate over who should be in the playoffs it would lead to, it definitely would be.

I do, however, understand why you feel the way you do.

It is starting. Bill Plaschke writing a column like this was as predictable as the sun rising in the east.

Didn’t even read the article.
But USC was 4-8 last year.
I am not a Lincoln Riley fan by any stretch, but how about credit for a historic turn around?
Literally on the brink of the CFP in his first year and look at the difference In Oklahoma from last year to this year.

It was easy to determine who the announcers were pulling for.

Saw that Buffalo won their last game 23-22 over Akron. That makes them 6-6, and one of the 82 teams needed for all the bowl games. There are still two spots open for bowl eligibility. NM State, at 5-6, just added a 12th game to try and cement their bowl worthiness. Yikes, can’t believe I said that. The college football scene is truly ridiculous.

Did you or anybody see Nick Saban yesterday lobbying for Alabama to be in the playoff? I didn’t see it, but I read about it and it sounded pathetic. The classy thing to do would have been to have said that the best teams will make the playoff, but if he could not do that he should have just said nothing As it is he came across as a sore loser.

I have not read it yet, but I will either today or tomorrow.

And, back to USC, they are playing Tulane in the Cotton Bowl. Needless to say, this is a big let-down. No playoffs and no Rose Bowl.

Riley deserves a lot of credit for USC’s turn-around. At the same time, their record last year reflected the incompetence of their coaching staff. It never should have been that bad.

Also, I have been reading several articles from national publications (i.e. no homer biases), and all pointed out that USC followed the same pattern of Riley’s Oklahoma teams - great offense and horrible defense. Three times his Oklahoma team was totally dismantled in the playoffs, and USC would have faired no better against Georgia had they made it. Instead, this year the porous defense cost Riley from even making the playoff.

To be fair, that is kind of a Big 12 thing, with a few exceptions.

I am not a Saban fan, but as of now, I have not seen any comments from him bashing the committee about not getting in.