I am a dumbass sometimes

I bought a soundbar for our bedroom TV.
It came with an optical cable.
I was hooking it up and it wasn’t working, like the cable was bad (it was cheap and flimsy).
Went to Target and bought another optical cable.
Forgot that optical cables have little plastic covers on their connectors, realized I didn’t take them off the one provided.
Oh well, now I already have an optical cable when I get a soundbar for my basement TV.

I can’t find the remote to mine. So I’ve be staring at mine for weeks

Can you change the channel manually?

I think the back of the TV allows you to change the channel but unfortunately some only let you change from Channel 3, aka from signal to no signal.

The good oh days when you didn’t need a remote and had to get exercise when you needed to change the channel. Those late 80s, early 90s had some great features.

Sounds bars just do sound

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Yep, modern Tv’s are much more remote dependent which isn’t good if you need batteries or worse, your remote STOPS working or in case you can’t find the remote.

Of course when the TV does work, the picture quality is a lot better and the TV is less heavy.

I know when I was a mischevious youngster, I’d set the timer on the TV of our 85 yo old grandpa where it would go off 90 minutes later. Well sometimes it worked in reverse and the TV went on at 3AM. I believe my brother hid the remote or was smart enough to actually have the TV go on, not simply to turn off. If I hid the remote, it would be because I forgot where I put the remote.

It’s in the freezer, or the trash.

Oops, you may not have Alzheimer’s in the household. This guessing game is common in the caregiver groups. Where is the lost item now?

There is where I suspect. I’m also missing a shave bag. So I suspect it got thrown away as well.

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