Wisconsin was scared!!

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I thought of you when I read this, but I decided not to start another thread myself.

Nebraska is in its 10th season as a member of the Big Ten Conference. It has played 78 league games since relocating from the Big 12 (losing 38 of them). And yet the school continues to act like it has no idea how to be a cohesive member.

Are the Cornhuskers slow learners, tone deaf, willfully belligerent or still clinging to an outdated sense of blueblood entitlement?

Maybe all of the above. Because here we are again, with another case of Why Nebraska and the Big Ten Can’t Get Along.

Does the author understand the difference between antagonist and leadership?
There would literally be no Big 10 football this year if Nebraska hadn’t been leaders.

I could challenge several of the authors points but the one that really stands out is the insinuation thy Nebraska doesn’t care about secondary sports.
The twit should look at Husker volleyball and wrestling.

I thought you might like this line from this article today:

Michigan has failed its brand and history so resplendently that opposing fan bases are openly rooting for Harbaugh to get a lifetime contract. Don’t laugh, Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel said just last year he wants Harbaugh to “retire here.” Hail to the Underachievers, this is one topic the Big Ten can finally all agree on. Even Nebraska.

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I wanted to take my daughter to a KU/Nebraska Vollyeball game one year. It was sold out. Nebraska volleyball is a HUGE draw…And that game was in KC, and Nebraska fans traveled…over half the arena.

Harbaugh has become a very serious disappointment in Ann Arbor. The Detroit papers ran similar columns just after the game. He was hailed as the “Michigan Man” the school had wanted, played for Bo and was a real scrapper QB who seriously wanted to win. Instead, he is 3-3 against MSU and 0-5 against Ohio State, the two most important games the team has each season, and has developed an undisciplined team that never appears to want to win as much as their opponents. His contract is up next year (not sure when) and I think there may be a chance that he may not be renewed, but one never knows what UM is going to do.

How did Nebraska do this week-end? I tried to check the scores, but they only showed the games involving ranked teams. :grin:

And Michigan just lost to Indiana for the first time since 1987. If you believe what is being written, Harbaugh may be looking to go back to the NFL now.

I thought that Michigan was the perfect place for him and that he would succeed there. He tends to grate on people, but in college with four-year cycle of turnover once a player was fed up with him he would be moving on and a new player would be stepping in. I expected him to be there for a long time.

As I heard, Mark Davis wanted to hire Harbaugh and was ready to give him total control of the organization. I half-expected Harbaugh to take that job, as it would have given him a great opportunity to stick it to the 49ers from across the Bay. However, I probably would have taken the Michigan job in the end if I had been him. As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20/

You got me in that one