Humanity is going to be OK

Witnessed something amazing today
Stopped by the grocery store for a couple of things and caught the end of a transaction.
A young mom was checkout and her card was declined (full cart of groceries), she started to leave to allegedly get a different card, before she could get to the door the guy behind her paid for her cart.
No questions asked just ran his card.

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Very cool.

During our time with dementia, my wife left her jacket, purse, cell phone so many places i lost track. They always came back to us.

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My adult grand daughter and her son pulled over with a flat. A couple stopped to help. The man said all your tires are bald, you shouldn’t be driving with these tires. He gave her a card with the address of a tire shop in Shafter, that was close by. When she got there, they said we were told you were coming. They put on 4 new tires at no charge.

She told me they had been camping with other family members, and the back seat and trunk was full of camping stuff. The couple must have thought she was homeless is all she could figure.

Regardless of the reason, it was a wonderful thing to happen, because she really couldn’t afford 4 new tires. There are good people.

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