How to handle escrow

I might owe as much as $77/mo or$925 when my escrow is evaluated in September. Any suggestions.

I am adding $36.25 to the escrow making my mortgage payment $1,300.

Normally you can pay the difference or add it to your monthly. I typically just add it to my monthly

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Yes I was attempting to prepay

Thanks for your suggestions

Are you sure it’s going to escrow and not your balance? Banks often screw this up.

Good point. I’ll have to check

I thought I was paying into escrow and they were putting it in my normal balance. That was frustrating as the checks were marked escrow

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Yeah I pay online and select escrow.

I’ll still check the escrow and principal balance to make sure it’s not being applied to principal or prepaid interest instead of escrow.

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions.