How much "meh" pasta can you eat?

A woman at work is excited because the Olive Garden has their all you can shove in your pie hole pasta back for a limited time. How much average pasta can you really eat for $14?

Is this a robust woman? I rarely go out for italian and if i do it wont be olive garden regardless of price.

Good guess.

I’ve been to the Olive Garden and it’s not very good, my favorite local Italian place is much better and doesn’t cost that much more.

In my 20’s I would have put a serious dent in that kitchen!!!

In my 50’s, no way I am touching that.

I don’t each must pasta. I don’t really like it.

I use to look all you can eat but now I just don’t eat as much

considering you can buy a good box of pasta at the supermarket for $3 and some sauce for another $4 they are making a mint

I think it’s been about 20 years since I last ate at an Olive Garden. We have a couple of very good local Italian restaurants around here, and that’s where we go if we get the urge for Italian food.

Olive Garden is a perfect example of a restaurant that was decent before it became a big national chain. I went to the Olive Garden near Disney World, which was its first restaurant, shortly after it opened around forty years ago. At that time it was a good place to go with children, even though it never compared to the upscale Italian restaurants where dined with adults.

Unfortunately, the quality of Olive Garden deteriorated significantly when it went from a small chain with just a few restaurants to a large national chain.

It has been a long time, maybe 30 years ago but used to make my own Pasta. Comes out really tender, nothing like the stuff in a box. Depending on how thick you make it. cooks in about 3 to 4 minutes.

This was the machine.

I am considering getting an attachment for our stand mixer

I’m guessing a KitchenAid. I have the meat grinder that works great and my mother in law has a few attachments for hers that work awesome. I’m pretty sure she has the pasta attachment for making pierogies.

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