How might have the confederacy won

Though the CSA and USA fought a war, I do think the CSA and USA would have been in allegiance in WWI

The only way the South would have won the war would have required:

  1. the south to have acquired Maryland, Kansas, and Kentucky at the start of the war.

  2. the South to know what was coming and thus to industrialize by the 1850s and be willing to have indentured servitude instead of chattel slavery

  3. Slaves fought for the South greatly increasing the size of the confederate army as in #1 and #2

  4. Had McClean led the North and both Robert E Lee and Ulysses Grant led the south.

  5. Had the British and French helped the southern cause against northern aggression

Had both Lee and Grant fought for the North, the South would have lost the war faster and slavery may not have been abolished

How might Hitler have won World War II?

Help from Russia and Japan in the Atlantic

The only way the south could have won is either by getting a ceasefire or taking Washington earlier in the war.

Otherwise, they didn’t have a chance. The population difference was immenese and battles at that time, that made a huge difference.

Im assuming a ceasefire would have came about in a similar manner to us tiring about the Vietnam War

Do you think the reason why the war lasted so long was the incompetence of McClean?

Had the war been finished in 1862, do you think slavery would still have been abolished?

The South had a very brief opportunity early in the War, if they continued to push into the North. The North was not ready for an invasion and the South was not prepared to invade. The timing was very short because as soon as the North recognized they had a real war, the South effectively lost. The South could not win a war of attrition and lacked the industry to provide for a long term war. The only question was how long until they recognized that and how long it took for Lincoln to find U.S. Grant.

So, I am basically saying it was a war the South could not win. Instead, we had to experience 750,000 casualties before it ended.

I think you meant they could not win a war of attrition.

After the first battle of bull run, has they kept moving to DC they could have won but they weren’t prepared and didn’t really think about it.

Once the north mobilized, there was no chance of a southern win.

I’ve heard of arming the slaves but I really don’t see that working well.

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I did, and corrected it.

That did happen in some cases, but not many, and some Confederate soldiers brought a slave with them (not necessarily to fight, but to cook and do servant duties).

Had the south attacked from Monocacy in 1861 instead of Bull Run, could the South actually changed the war’s trajectory? I don’t think the Battle of Fort Stevens is the same failure in 1861 as it was in 1864.

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