How many subscriptions do you have?

How many subscriptions do you have monthly?

Mine are-

Amazon Prime (I pay yearly)
Hulu ($1.99 a month special that ends soon)
HBO Max (Free with my cell phone plan)
Direct TV (not a subscription but unnecessary monthly expense)

If i had to keep one other than Amazon Prime it’d be Spotify. I get Prime because of the shopping, not video but it’s a bonus.

I pay for prime and Netflix and get showtime and HBO streaming with my directv. I use my girlfriend’s Disney+ and Hulu+ and Youtube Music. I use to have Sirius XM that was about $8 a month. YT music doesn’t have talk or news so now all I listen to is music in the car.

Youtube TV
HBO Max… included with AT&T 1 Gig unlimited Internet … $75
Amazon Prime Video and Music… Nice Christmas Albums.
Hulu 1,99, Renewed this Thanksgiving
Paramount plus… it was a special opening offer. Unlikely to renew. Most of our favorite shows were on CBS, but have not watched many.
Free Part of Peacock TV.

Amazon Prime
NHL Center Ice
Peacock, Tubi and one other I can’t remember (‘free’ from Comcast)

We also have Comcast on demand service which offers a few thousand movies and TV programs, many ad free, and allows us to watch current TV programs after they’ve aired on the networks.

Youtube (not sure what it’s called but not youtube tv)

No longer has direct TV or cable.

Prime and Netfilx. If I cant get something on those, I don’t watch it. I was hoping that streaming would bring us the ability to pay for the channels that we want. As it is, it seems like you have to buy several different packages, even if you only want to watch one show. And that can add up to be MORE than cable.

One thing that pisses me off about Prime is that half the movies I’d want to watch are pay per view. I can get that with a host of free places on Roku.

With a grandson that is here maybe once every couple of weeks, I wish that ONE of the packages would allow a “weekend pass” or something like that where I could get Disney for two days when I have my grandson over. I don’t want to pay for a service that will only be used maybe five times per monthl.