How many of you will use the metaverse

I am just amazed that people think this will be a thing. I’m young enough where PC have been around most of my life but also old enough to remember life before.

I will not.

I don’t fully understand what’s possible so I won’t give a definitive answer. I remember asking a coworker 15 years ago a question at lunch and he said he’d google it and pulled out his phone. I didn’t know you could do that and I asked why he’d want the internet on his phone. Suffice to say I’m a late adopter.

I get the phone because it is a computer in your pocket.

My phone is like a Swiss army knife. Watch, scientific calculator, car diagnostic, and so much more.

My limited understanding of metaverse will be a virtual reality that you can interact with cartoon like others.

Real life is far too interesting to spend time in a virtual life.

Much time, anyway.

This very forum represents a virtual life, in many respects.

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