How Life Insurance will deal with Covid shots

We all know that insurance companies will act like insurance companies, so this comes as no surprise.

It may however be a shock to some of you vaccine fanboys who believe every word out of Slouchy’s mouth, and every positive assurance from FDA, CDC, and MSM talking heads.

That shock is what I have repeatedly stated, that the covid snake oils are un-tested, unproven, and experimental. That they have side effects. Some have been mentioned by whackos like me and by crackpot doctors who tell the truth.

Insurance company view then is: The side effects were known. You volunteered to participate in an experiment by taking the jab. There was no lawful requirement for you to take it. Since you knew death was a possible side effect, you committed suicide. Have a nice day!

I doubt there is a single insurance company that would refuse a claim because someone died from an (extremely rare) vaccine side effect. It would not surprise me if they incentivize the vaccines because they know the data are the opposite of what you claim.

From the first section.

The UK government now oddly admits that vaccines have damaged the natural immune system of those who have been double-vaccinated.

Did UK Gov Admit That Vaccines Damage Immune System? | Tech ARP

That is false.

Now in the UK are they trying to deny a claim? Who knows.

I am insured through work and through Knight of Columbus. Their stance is you should be vaccinated to avoid issues with you claim.