How is this still a thing in sports.?

I thought we were done with this.

Not according to the article. It has nothing to do with sports and everything to do with current US Government policy prohibiting unvaccinated people from entering the US.

Fear not, though. According to the article that will change in May and Djokovic will be able to play at the US Open.

Which is ludicrous, especially since Djokovic has actually had Covid.

You can get Covid more than once. Two of my coworkers did.

You can also get Covid after being vaccinated.
Studies are clear that natural immunity is at minimum equal to vaccine immunity.

This would actually make sense if everyone crossing the Southern Border were vaccinated.

My guess is that Djokovic is more healthy than 99% of the Southern Border Crossers. Too bad Djokovic is not a Swimmer!!


How many illegals do you come across on your trip to Walmart?

Hard to count… but I hear a lot of non English speakers.

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I worked with a lot of Americans that immigrated here from Mexico, Central and South America. They spoke Spanish a lot, but they had to take a test to become an American. I could not have passed that test, and I doubt you could either. But they are just as much American as you and I…even if they do speak spanish.