How is this not flagged by Twitter?

As misinformation?

When did Winston Smith get a job with the Biden Administration?

Then what is the official definition ?

This looks more like an assignment for a creative writing class :grinning:

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There is no longer an official definition. Recessions will only happen when the people serving at the pleasure of the president says there is a recession.

Who defines the recession is now political.


The left changes definitions of words to suit their agenda all the time, this is nothing new. We might not officially be in a recession but to many Americans it sure feels like it and Biden has no plans to fix that.

10 out of 10…but all of a sudden it’s not. It doesn’t matter what they call it, the Biden economy sucks and real people are feeling it everyday. (But for some reason Kansas City Kansas hasn’t been effected. :grinning:)

The economy is “identifying” as growing.

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It is “growing” but not faster than inflation. With each day the spread between paycheck and cost of living spreads wider and wider.

Joe Biden Signs ‘Don’t Say Recession’ Bill | Babylon Bee

It’s already showing up, big retailers are sounding the warning things are going to get worse than better before we’re through the Biden economy. The Fed is expected to increase rates again to slow down Bidenflation, people who carry a credit card balance or with adjustable rate mortgages are going to be screwed.

If you have an ARM in this day and age you deserve what you get.

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Yep, with the low rates over the last decade they don’t make sense unless you’re flipping a property. I’m a big fan of the 15 year fixed rate mortgage. I know several young couples that recently got married and bought homes, all went with fixed rates and one couple locked in at under 3%.

That is the only time they make sense.

Aarons rent to own place is taking a beating. They mentioned that inflation is starting to bite them and current customers are falling behind in their payments. Their stock is down 15% today. Do you really want to repo a couch with bed bugs, food stains, pet hair, etc???

I would think that Walmart and Aarons would fair well as they gain more shoppers with the rapid expanding poverty line. People that use to pay 10% more to shop at Target might reconsider shopping at Walmart? People that use to go buy a new couch can no longer afford the new couch and are stuck rent to own?

It is possible with slowing housing, Aarons might be seeing a reduction in rental furniture for staging homes?

When I was at the beach in Florida last week. I went to a Walmart to get some supplies and it was like black friday. It was crazy busy. When we went out to eat, many restaurants had 2-3 hour waits for dinner. It was crazy! Traffic was horrendous in the area. No shortage of people on vacation.

I have a red card that gives me 5% off at Target.
I only go to Wal Mart if I absolutely have to .

Same here, it’s not a great shopping experience, but does have better prices.

Sometimes it has great entertainment value.

I mainly go because it is on my way. Going elsewhere adds 20-30 minutes to my commute home. My only other real alternative to shopping at Walmart is Dollar General. DG is the Walmart of tiny towns.

Yup, Let’s Go Brandon!

I bet payday loans are booming! More late payments piling up. When it pops it is going to be NASTY.